The First Cranmore Park Vintage and Antiques Fair – April 2nd 2016 – near Solihull and Birmingham

I popped up to Shirley/Solihull this afternoon just to get a taste of a new antiques fair.  The Cranmore Park Vintage and Antiques Fair will run three times this year, the next on July 9th and the the third on November 26th.

The venue is a large windowless hall, but well lit with plenty of space and probably around 100 stalls – which is an achievement for a first time fair. A decent amount of parking when I got there at about 2.30, although if there were an early bird rush you made need to use some of the roads in the surrounding industrial/business area.   Of course there was also a tea and cake stall.

A very relaxed atmosphere and the two or three traders I spoke to and asked about it said they were having a good day and were pleased with this for a first time. Others showed their pleasure on twitter

It’s run by b2bevents who already have a great collection of antique and vintage traders they work with through similar fairs they run in Edinburgh (I met one trader who’d come fromScotland, perhaps also attacked by next weeks Antiques for Everyone Spring event), Detling and Malvern.

It was a very quick sprint around – I think earlier had been much busier:

What caught my eye? A number of restored and working wind up gramophones were on display at about £60 each – nice gift, fun for picnic.  (this one from Jason Moule Antiques – who travelled from Cambridge)

A red wind up gramophone with the price of £65

A wind up gramophone from Jason Moule Antiques

Some interesting pottery – including these from Halesowen base Orangehat Contemporary Art and Ceramics by Adrian Brough and painting by Fred Yates. (see here for a book on the artist)

Ceramics by Fred Yates from orange hat ceramics of Halesowen

Ceramics by Adrian Brough (not antiques)  from orange hat ceramics of Halesowen

A Fred Yates Vase

An Adrian Brough Vase

Another trader was showing some Troika Pottery (book here)

A collection of Troika ceramics -

Troika Ceramics

Also drawn to the strong graphics of Flamingo Vintage – a vintage clothes business based in Digbeth in Birmingham.

Flamingor Vintage of Digbeth in Birmingham at the Canmore Park Antiques Fair

Flamingo Vintage of Digbeth in Birmingham at the Canmore Park Antiques Fair

vintage ties and shows

Vintage clothes at the Canmore Park Antiques Fair

I was only there for about 45 minutes, didn’t spot anything I wanted to buy, although to be honest I dropped in on my way for a walk around the grounds at Packwood House.  But it’s good to have a new large a varied antiques and vintage fair for the folk of Birmingham and Solihull.

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