Books for Antiques Lovers

The real fanatic loves absorbing obscure information. For them Miller’s Antiques Marks is a winner. More than 6,000 antiques marks to help you identify and date, silver, ceramics, glass indeed all sorts.

It’s also pocket sized, or maybe stocking sized


Antiques Roadshow – 40 years of  GREEEEEAT finds.  This anniversary edition indulges in the reason why we love the programme = the gasping and gawping at the astonishing things people bring in, and the shock when they find out what they’re worth.

And not that expensive either!


Obviously it helps to know what things are worth. Judith Miller sort of has this taped.

Miller’s Antiques Handbook & Price Guide 2018-2019 is the book with her best judgment of value for next year, oh  and the year after.


British Antique Furniture: 6th Edition with Prices and Reasons for Value by John Andrews may be out of date price why’s – but as a guide to understanding this fascinating subject I think it’s unrivaled. 

So even though this one was published in 2011 the content is still valid, who can argue with 1200 or more pictures and the explanations of why they furniture is valued.

Kitchenalia: Furnishing and Equipping Your Kitchen with Flea-Market Finds and Period Pieces.   I’m a sucker for Kitchenalia (see some bits on Etsy)  and this is full of wonderful illustrations.

It’s not just about gadgets but also furniture and how you can find it and fit it together.

Watches are coming back into fashion – and vintage ones especially so.  Concise Guide to Military Timepieces is a thorough guide that helps explore one of the key niches – the military watch.

Again old – so don’t trust the valuations, but great information.

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